Developing Your Leadership Voice and Style

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Leadership Consulting

Does your leadership team have difficulty working together?  Are they unmotivated and need a reboot? Is there an individual performer whose leadership skills are not hitting the mark? Or is there a high potential who is ready to leap to the next level with the addition of leadership training? Through a process of inquiry and direct communication, I can help you determine and then address your leadership needs.  I work with teams, individuals, and groups to address any leadership challenges that you or your organization might be facing.  

Executive Coaching

Coaching consists of a consultant partnering with a manager or executive through a process that is designed to produce learning, drive positive behavioral change, and maximize professional potential.  Coaching is an ongoing relationship that focuses on taking action toward the realization of workplace goals and increased effectiveness. 


The following are examples of improved skills and capacities due to coaching: team building, establishing a vision, soliciting feedback, effective delegation, confidence, time management, handling stress, managing conflict, delivering feedback and communicating on behalf of the team or organization. 

Leadership Workshops

 Workshops are a great alternative to coaching as they allow multiple individuals to access leadership development tools and resources at one time. Workshops also create opportunities for group synergy because they enable attendees to learn about and from each other. 

I work closely with the organization's representatives to determine the format, timing, group size, content, and delivery method that best fits the organizations' needs. My workshops are customized specifically for each organization and not "cookie-cutter." I use a variety of tools to deliver the content such as video clips, personality assessments, role-play, small-group discussions, questionnaires and lecture. Depending on the desired outcomes, workshops can be designed for a few hours, half-day workshops, or retreats. 

Curriculum Development

Are you looking for a leadership training program to use across your organization? If so I can help you craft the curriculum and learning plan, as well as develop appropriate tools to assess learning.